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CitiBank Job Vacancy GdskCyxzPQRRwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160countries and jurisdictions. Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management.


State briefly the principle purpose of the position, its major objectives and the impact the position has on Citibank Nigeria Ltd.

• Provide analytical support to the cluster Operations Control Hub in South Africa
• Perform selected centralized SSA control tests across all 11 countries
• Escalate to top management noted control weakness or failures and proffer solutions
• Work with the Nigeria Operations Controls team
• Provide backup to other W/Africa Control teams
• Ensuring standardised operations control policies and procedures exist and in place across all SSA countries
• Liaise with the various control teams both at the division / region

Objectives Of The Position Are As Listed Below
• Ensuring that the digital controls (SCF platform) reviews are carried out timely
• Proactively highlight emerging risk to management with the aim implementing mitigating controls
• Ensure all Operational Procedures and policies of the Bank are adhered to
• Track all Operations review findings to resolution with evidences in file
• Ensuring that the number of KRIs are kept to the barest minimum by ensuring transactions posted by processing units are matched-off / reviewed promptly and follow-ups done as applicable
• To establish and implement a follow-up process that will ensure that all exceptions noted in the course of reconciliation and digital reviewers are tracked until final resolution
• Ensuring that relevant operating units/ branches submit monthly over – aged open items report detailing action plan to resolve same
• Ensure effective and timely used of the Single Confirm Framework (SCF)

List a series of brief statements, which describe only the major activities for which this job is held accountable.

• Develop / update digital controls by ensuring that all relevant sections of the TOMS (TTS Operations Minimum standard) and other global and local policies are captured
• Ensure the adequacy of control measures.
• Update Desk manual annually or whenever there is a significant change in the way the job is done.
• Ensure semi-annual review of designations for all units.
• Ensure that all deviations are renewed on an annual basis
• Prepare monthly activity plan.
• Ensuring that all scheduled reviews are done in a timely manner and that exceptions noted are escalated to top management and tracked to resolution.
• Ensure continuous team work amongst the team
• Daily preparation/review of Customers Auditors’ Confirmation request.
• Co-ordinate the day-to-day functions of other employees in the unit and maintain the Proof Charts.
• Ensure that tasks are closed timely on Resolve IT.
• Daily users’ access maintenance on various applications and back-up for Cluster on Flex cube maintenances.
• EMEA BSER monitoring and reporting
• Daily monitoring of the Single Controls Platform
• Participation in the EMEA monthly SCRUM (SPRINT)
• Tracking of various reviews on the proof charts to ensure responsible units carry out the reviews timely
• Ensure an annual review of Collection items and Collateral Bills as specified on the Department’s proof chart.
• Liaise with regulators and auditors during reviews and/or audits
• Periodic review of Our Accounts mandates with our correspondent banks
• Ensure a monthly review of the Account Opening Documentation deferral process.
• Ensure that staff performs quality reviews.
• Initiation of account opening, maintenance and closure on Recon Frontier
• Review of match pass criteria for all NOSTRO accounts on Recon Frontier
• Co-ordinate the quarterly MCA exercise.
• Co-ordinate the Semi-annual Cash counts across branches.
• Act as an effective back-up to the various functions assigned on the proof chart as well as to the Ops Control head.
• Ensure that all other assigned reviews (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual) on the proof charts are effectively carried out and submitted timely.
• Ad hoc reviews / investigations as assigned by either country or ops control division head

On the following organisation chart, please outline your organisation by listing, as appropriate, the titles of the immediate manager, the next level manager, any peer(s) (other positions reporting to the immediate manager) and the subordinates. Show the total number of employees reporting to each of the subordinates in the small square in the lower right-hand corner of their boxes. Add additional boxes if necessary. Also indicate the job grades of the immediate manager, peers and subordinates.

Describe the educational requirements, special skills or work experience required to perform this position.



9+ years banking experience
Special Skills & Knowledge
Areas requiring complete familiarity
Areas requiring general familiarity

• Teambuilding
• Strategic planning
• Integration
• Initiative
• Creativity
• Flexibility

Management or Execution Skills

• Management/Supervisory
• Ability to handle pressure
• Analytical thinking
• Attention to detail
• Ability to prioritize

Citigroup Role Model

• Accountability and teamwork
• Integrity
• Learning
• Accomplishment


• Written / Verbal communication
• Presentation skills
• Interpersonal relationships
• Management of diversity
• Respect and balance

Thinking Complexity

List the biggest challenges, which help describe the complexity of the operating climate.

• Digital Controls – analytical skills
• Complex and varied work assignments requiring frequent careful choice in timing and sequence of procedures and steps.
• High impact in terms of risk and delivery responsibilities and limited influence on product.
• Allocation and Scheduling of various reviews within the department in line with the Proof charts.
• Planning the Verification Reviews.
• Analyzing different processes in order to evaluate controls.
• Discussing issues and Corrective Action with the various departmental heads.
• Coordinating self Assessment processes for the unit.
• Operational and Franchise risks as they relate to frauds, PLEs challenges, etc

Primary Location: Nigeria, Lagos
Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Job Function: Risk Management
Travel Time: No
Job ID: 15089217

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