Zimbabwe man murders wife for refusing to make love to him

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Zimbabwe man murders wife for refusing to make love to him

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 17, 2015 6:52 am

A 33-year-old Zimbabwe man identified as Alfred Lunga, has been declared wanted for allegedly murdering his wife and mother of a three-month-old baby, because she refused to allow him have se.x with her, reports MyZimbabwe.

Lunga, from the Emganwini Community in Bulawayo, was said to be staying with his wife and mother-in-law when an argument broke out between him and his 22-yeaer-old wife, Sikhululekile Ndlovu, when she told him she could not have se.x few months after giving birth since the tears she had at child birth were yet to heal, but he flew into a rage and attacked her with a machete, hitting her head seven times before breaking two of her fingers.

After he brutally killed his wife, Lunga ran away from the area while the case was reported to the police who have now declared him wanted.

The mother-in-law, Christine Mudzami, told the police that she was at home at the time Lunga attacked and killed her daughter.

“My son-in-law struck my daughter seven times on the head with a machete and also broke her two fingers, one from each hand.

He attacked her in my presence. I tried to restrain him, but he overpowered me. He even wanted to strike the child, but I ran away with the baby. He then ran away, but we have reported the matter to the police.

When I asked him why he wanted to kill his wife like that, he said he had to have se.x with her, but she kept on refusing and he got angry.

I was keeping this boy at my house and he could not even bring anything home. He was only a consumer. Look at what he has done to my daughter. I want him jailed. As I speak, the police are looking for him and I hope he will be arrested soon.”

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