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First Bank – Talent Management Talent-management

The First Bank talent management strategy is aimed at supporting employee engagement, employee motivation and increased productivity, and leadership development across all levels of employees within the organisation.

1. Planning
In an effort to identify and acquire the right talents, First Bank invests in building a corporate structure that designs the right jobs and matches them with the right people.

2. Engagement & Deployment
To make sure our Hires seamlessly transition into the First Bank team, we offer several initiatives to understand the new employee and connect them with the bank’s strategic goals. Through our on-boarding program and career discussions, we take the time to understand our employee’s long-term goals which is the basis for a mutually beneficial relationship for the new employee and the bank itself.

3. Rotation & Cross Posting
As one of our greatest assets, First Bank strives to maintain a pool of multi-skilled and well rounded employees. Our initiatives like Job Shadowing, Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring, Succession Planning and Career Maps are keys to having a challenging and fulfilling career within the bank as well as developing and retaining talents at all levels of the organization’s operations.

4. Training & Mentorship
As a tenet of career development, First Bank creates a culture of continuous learning tailored to the needs and aspirations of the employees and the business itself. Through our First Academy and our learning centres scattered around the country, we have invested in e-learning, mobile learning, classrooms physical and virtual libraries to allow all our employees the opportunity to equip themselves for future roles that benefit both them and the organisation.

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