Beyonce & Jay-Z - Marriage Trouble?

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Beyonce & Jay-Z - Marriage Trouble? Empty Beyonce & Jay-Z - Marriage Trouble?

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Beyonce & Jay-Z - Marriage Trouble? Beyonce-jay-z-met-gala-2015
Unfortunately, has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Beyonce and Jay Z have some major, major trust issues in their romance.

Beyonce, 34, and Jay Z, 45, are reportedly headed towards splitsville, and has EXCLUSIVE new details about their allegedly troubled marriage. Sadly, even though the couple has been together since as early as 1999, it turns out that they have some trust and jealousy issues that are keeping them from their happiness.

Beyonce & Jay-Z - Marriage Trouble? Beyonce-made-in-america-10
Although it’s sad to report on such a perfect couple potentially splitting, it’s safe to say that we totally know how and why both Beyonce and Jay Z could have issues trusting each other: they are both SO hot. Seriously, if you were married to Beyonce, you would probably be wondering where she is and who she was with all of the time, too. Interestingly enough, has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Beyonce is the one with the trust issues.

“Trust has always been the biggest issue for these two,” a source close to the couple tells, after hearing the InTouch Weekly report that they were contemplating a divorce. “Jay Z has women around him all the time and he’s a huge flirt. Beyonce would have to be made of stone not to get jealous.”

Beyonce & Jay-Z - Marriage Trouble? Beyonce-made-in-america-100
Beyonce is a gorgeous, flawless human being who is more talented than pretty much everyone in the world — but she has feelings too, guys. If she’s constantly worrying about her husband, Jay, and who he’s with, something like that can easily eat away at a relationship no matter how much love is involved. So sad.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Are Beyonce and Jay really headed for divorce? Do you think they can work things out? Comment below and tell us your thoughts.



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