St Eve Concepts Assistant Accountant Vacancy

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St Eve Concepts Assistant Accountant Vacancy Empty St Eve Concepts Assistant Accountant Vacancy

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St Eve Concepts Assistant Accountant Vacancy Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQUhFJnsyojavMjHnANkZXoEQFkBqPhvD_kfOLwgTKX91jmVo3OsA

St Eve Magazine – An International standard Health, Beauty and Fashion Magazine, based in Lagos requires suitable candidates to fill the following positions:


Assist in the daily running of the Account department. Help the accountant to maintain records of invoices and creditors payments Do market survey and research follow up on all spares and items whose requisition are made to the account dept. Assists with queries and requests on outstanding deliveries and invoices. Assists with monthly financial reports, account reconciliation and invoices Ensure inventory administration Deal with daily transactions for the petty cash and ensure that reconciliation are completed on a weekly basis. Ensure purchase orders, receiving and invoices are matched. Assist in maintaining the files and records management system

BSc in Accounting and two year experience.

Interested person(s) should send their CVs to

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