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Jobs at GVA Partners

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GVA Partners is recruiting for the following positions:


Senior Management

Manage marketing & sales of company’s solution & services. Ensure consistent, profitable growth in sales revenue through positive planning and management of sales personnel.
Supervises (Direct/ Indirect)

Reports to


Define objectives, strategies and action plans (for sales) with a view to improving short and long –term sales and earnings for the organization;
Define, drive, manage the realization of quarterly/annual revenue targets and budgets;
Forecasts annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams with minimal deviations;
Penetrate, develop and close prospective accounts in new sectors (especially non pharmaceutical sectors/FMCG);
Manage client relationships through all phases of the sales cycle;
Develop strong relationships with relevant trade groups, professional associations, non-governmental and governmental organizations on behalf of the company;
Gather market and customer information from the field and interpret in sales and strategic planning functions;
Represent the company at events and trade meetings to promote its products and services;
Sell the company’s services to potential customers in line with agreed procedures
Work closely with Service Delivery and Accounts departments to ensure all aspects of sales transactions are documented and executed;
Work with accounts department to drive receivables collection;
Educate sales team by establishing programs or seminars in the areas of new services and growth, sales of emerging services in new sector, competitive strategies and management of expenses and business/financial issues on contracts;
Establish and manage effective programs to coach sales personnel.

Define strategies to market the company’s services;
Articulate marketing activities and initiatives to create top of the mind awareness of the company and its services;
Liaise with marketing agencies and other third party service providers to manage media campaigns;
Create frameworks and platforms to constantly engage customers and build loyalty;
Any other duties as may be assigned by the MD from time to time.

Key Performance Indicators
Percentage of fully qualified business leads converted to Sales
Cost associated per Lead acquisitions
Customer Lifetime Value: Customer retainership
Sales revenue

Business Development
Service Management
Interpersonal & Communication
Strong Oral and Written Communication
Results orientation
Analytical skills
Strategy and planning

A Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business management related field with minimum of 10 years of related experience (preferably in FMCG); 5 years at managerial level
Preferred candidate must have demonstrable experience in interpreting sales performance and market trend information.
Proven ability to motivate and lead sales team.


Manage technical operations and projects for the deployment and delivery of VAS products and services
Responsible for the provision of reliable IT infrastructure to guarantee high output levels from all teams.

Operations and Management:
1. Develop a robust IT strategy based on the Company’s goals and business needs.
2. Manage deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade and support of all VAS and IT systems with scalable options for future expansions.
3. Deploy new products and services on the VAS platform based on the service description, flow and business rules.
4. Liaise with the operational and marketing teams on scoping, design, customization and commissioning of solutions based on customer requirements.
5. Responsible for the integration of VAS platforms with MNOs including SMSC, SMS Gateway, MMSC, USSDC, MSC, SDP, OTA, Billing etc.
6. Ensure 99.999% availability of VAS and IT services and platforms.
7. Develop test cases and carry out acceptance tests for newly deployed Vas platforms and solutions.
8. Have a full understanding of VAS protocols including SMPP, USSDI&II, MM7, HTTP, SS7, M3UA, Sigtran, diameter, Web service, IP and others (SNMP).
9. Deploy and integrate the Company’s products/services in the client’s environment.
10. Develop tender specifications, technical and commercial evaluation (requirements gathering, RFQ issuance, vendor evaluation, procurement) and implementation.
11. Build strong relationships with clients’ technical teams and facilitate client workshops and meetings.
12. Design and deploy technical processes and policies to guarantee shorter response/resolution time and high performance standards.
13. Perform readiness tests on newly implemented VAS systems and products to validate features, capacity and functions.
14. Maintain a trouble ticketing process for complaints resolution.
15. Keep a— of new developments and technology trends in VAS, telecommunication and networking.
16. Maintain the change management process for all deployments, enhancements, upgrades and modifications to the products and platforms.
17. Develop and maintain all technical documentation including network architecture, interconnectivity, IP infrastructure, redundancy etc.
18. Design and implement a data protection plan to include security, backup and restore of all forms of data across all systems.
19. Manage the company’s IT infrastructure: email services, internet access, Antivirus etc.
20. Develop desktop, mobile and web applications, scripts for automated operational activities, etc.
Management and Reporting
21. Attend customer meetings with other teams to collate requirements and provide clarifications, where required.
22. Assist in responses to request for proposals, request for quotation, bids etc.
23. Generate periodic reports including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly performance reports, activity reports, service adoption, revenue, capacity, network, etc.
24. Ensure internal collaboration and communication with other functional teams to meet customer needs and operational efficiency within the Company.
25. Perform other assigned duties as delegated by management from time to time.

• Minimum of 5 years working experience in technical within the VAS, Telecommunication or ICT industry
• Minimum of 2 years in a supervisory/managerial level.
• Completed NYSC
• Certificate Management Programs (e.g. ITIL) [optional]
• Post Graduate degree, MA/MBA/MSc [optional]

• Operating system environments: Linux/UNIX and Windows Operating systems administration and management.
• Servers and Data Backup
• Databases: Database Administration
• Networking
• Programming:
• Proficiency in Service Management
• Business Intelligence
• Project Management
• Documentation
• Research and Writing
• Use of CRM
• Use of Microsoft Office suite
• Interpersonal skills
• Resource Management
• Attention to detail
• Excellent Communication skills
• Personal Characteristics
• A self-starter with high attention to detail
• Great team work and collaborative spirit
• Proven ability to make an impact internally and externally
• Analytical minded
• Ability to engage and drive others to deliver targets • Exhibit high energy levels and drive
• Ability to easily adapt to changing work environment.


Develops and manages the Value Added Services portfolio based on market requirements and the company’s technology capabilities.
Responsible for achieving financial and product performance targets by implementing effective content and campaign management strategies.

Role and Responsibilities Product Management:
Develop and implement a robust product strategy in line with the vision of the company, market trends, customer requirements and new technologies.
Have an in-depth understanding of VAS products and channels including SMS, USSD, MMS, IVR, Data, Mobile Web, Mobile WAP, Mobile Apps, On-device, STK etc.
Develop and launch new revenue streams by leveraging technology, content management and business intelligence.
Design and launch new products and enhancements through research on market trends and competitors.
Translate customer and partner requirements into documents easily understood by the technical team for implementation and provide input in customer presentations and technical workshops.
Collate and prepare documentation for all new products and services prior to launch including market survey, product proposition, service description, product change log, agreement, reconciliation template, pricing, business case, test cases and result, approval, FAQs, launch plan etc.
Ensure the business development team and the rest of the organization are regularly trained on current products, planned products and their capabilities.
Manage product and customer life cycle processes.
Develop and implement a Go-to-Market strategy for all product and services.
Achieve financial targets and service penetration by running campaigns and promotions using available campaign tools, features and alternate channels.
Analyze customer data, behavior and needs to draw relevant insights for the development of compelling VAS propositions across segments.
Plan and maintain a campaign calendar for existing and new products and services.
Develop and implement a content strategy to create and source for quality content based on market trends and consumer appetite.
Manage the entire process for content formatting, uploading and delivery across all platforms utilized.
Manage accurate and up-to-date records of all company and third-party content managed.
Develop and maintain a strong relationship with content owners and aggregators.
Develop and Improve business processes and polices in line with Company’s vision for better operational management, reporting, communication and organizational planning.
Design and improve quality management processes and their deployment; testing and monitoring of new and existing VAS services.
Attend customer meetings with the business development team to collate requirements and provide clarifications, where required.
Assist in responses to request for proposals, request for quotation, bids etc.
Routinely monitor progress against targets and provide performance data including quarterly, half year, annual reports etc to executive management.
Coordinate account reconciliation for Clients and MNOs and payouts to Content providers/owners.
Enforce control on receivables and expenses to ensure that the budgeted cash flows and targets for each project are met.
Ensure internal collaboration and communication with other functional teams to meet customer needs and operational efficiency within the Company.
Perform other assigned duties as delegated by management from time to time.

Minimum of 5 years working experience in operations, product development, project management or marketing within the VAS, Telecommunication or ICT industry.
Minimum of 2 years in a supervisory/managerial level.
Completed NYSC.
Certificate Management Programs (e.g. Project Management, Product Management, Marketing) [optional].
Post Graduate degree, MA/MBA/MSc [optional]

Ability to translate complex technical specifications into clear user and commercial benefits and vice versa.
Business Intelligence
Project Management.
Product Development and Management.
Project Phoenix Prepared by LCF Global Partners Limited 2015 3.
Business Process Management.
Content Development.
Marketing and Campaign Management.
Public Speaking and presentation skills.
Research and Writing.
Use of CRM.
Use of Microsoft Office suite.
Interpersonal skills.
Resource Management.
Attention to detail.
Excellent Communication skills.
Personal Characteristics.
A self-starter with high attention to detail.
Great team work and collaborative spirit.
Proven ability to make an impact internally and externally.
Analytical minded.
Ability to engage and drive others to deliver targets.
Exhibit high energy levels and drive.
Ability to easily adapt to changing work environment.
Exhibit Professionalism at all times

Qualified and interested candidates should send their CVs to or using the job title as subject of the mail.

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